Not Taken Seat

Not Taken Seat — is a short story about the importance of taking your seat in the life of a person you really appreciate.

— Hello! Do you have a couple of minutes for me? Can we talk?

— Sure, we can talk. We can talk more than a couple of minutes now and we can talk as long as you want tonight at home.

— No, I need only 5 minutes now and that’s all. I won’t come home tonight, so don’t wait up.

— What happened? What do you mean “don’t wait up”? I don’t get what you want to say.

— Ok. We need to break up. Today. And we will not meet each other again. Never.

— Wait. Wait, wait, wait! Is this what you want? Is this what you have been putting me up for all last week?

— Sorry, I’m not in the mood for discussing my decision now.

— Great! Wonderful!! You broke my wings again and you did it with flying colors! I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!

— Ok. Good to know. Excuse me, but I have to go.

— With her?! With that dressed up doll in your car? Really?! I cannot believe but yes, there’s no doubt now that my mother was right about you. So fuck you! Go to hell!!!

— Ok. I got it. Bye.

He sat in the car and the “dressed up doll” drove him away.

She stayed on the same place without single movement.

— How was it? — “dressed up doll” asked him.

— Beastly.

— Are you sure she doesn’t need to know?

— Yes.

— Hallo, mom! I broke up with Mary a few minutes ago. Could you please call her and just help her to handle it? No, she doesn’t know. No! No, she doesn’t have to know. Sure. Thank you.

— Oh! How I hate this ringtone. Hallo!

— Hallo! Mr. Lucky?

— Yes! Who is this?

— I have an instruction from Dr. Saint, I need to talk with you personally.

— What is it regarding?

— Regarding your diagnosis.

— No, thank you. I have no desire to waste your or my time. I have all test results and I don’t have time for other tests.

— Ok. Where do you stand on experimental drugs?

— What do you mean?

— I mean that you meet all the conditions of our experimental program and we can give you a few more years. Are you interested?.. Hallo?.. Hallo?..

He was silent.

Three years later.

— Is this seat taken?

She silently invited him to sit.

— Mary? What are you doing here?

— Ms. Happy, —a nurse called her, — It’s your turn. Please follow me.

She followed the nurse without any word, leaving him waiting for his joyful results alone.

Oleg Vergulenko